Getting your video online. Tip #1

23 11 2010


By Richard Dodwell

The events of a couple of weeks ago in London, United Kingdom, showed how riots can escalate when crowd anonymity causes some individuals to act aggressively.

Journalists were mostly unable to get inside the Millbank Centre, the headquarters of the UK’s Conservative party, due to the huge crowd outside that increased the risk of getting injured.

Those of you from countries where political violence is common place will know that shooting video and sharing it with the world is very hard when your government either doesn’t wish for you to film, or you don’t have the knowledge about how to share it with the world.

One quick and easy way is to film what you are witnessing is by using your mobile phone‘s video recorder, and then uploading it to a website like Youtube.

You can do this by signing up for an account at and then uploading your mobile phone’s video to your computer.

Once on your computer, the video can then be uploaded to the Youtube website and you can then “share” your video with other people.

You can share your online video by using copy and paste to put the link to your video on your social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter or Myspace.

Other people will then be able to see your video and then share it with their friends and colleagues. If your video is interesting and unique enough, many people around the world will be able to see it and share it with their friends. A news channel may even ask you if they can use it for their news bulletin or website.

This is just one way to share your video, and your story, by using the internet.




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