Requiem for a dictator: triumph for video journalism

24 02 2011


By Richard Dodwell.

Video journalism – published online and shared with the entire world – can change everything.

This video uploaded to Youtube by a video blogger from Benghazi reveals the true extent to which governments around the world treat their people. Without uprise or death, the rest of the world does not look. Written words are limited, even the most colourful dispatches from Robert Fisk fail to show the true extent of a current global situation – whether protest, disaster or ongoing turmoil. This video demonstrates how the rest of the world could observe the situation escalating in Libya earlier this week – with video responses on the Youtube site calling for action from world governments against the reckless slaughtering of protesters.


Like Freedom of Information, the dissemination of visual information is important for 3 reasons:


1 – You see. You experience. You react.

2 – The information is hopefully unedited and without commentary. Allowing the audience to interpret for themselves.

3 – You can share it with everyone. Even the illiterate can watch and understand.


Already social networking sites like Facebook are being praised with stirring the Middle East uprisings, so linking to such video blogs is an important part of that sharing process.

And now US president Barack Obama is calling for the end to the bloodshed. Once the rest of the world finds its grasp on how to blog with video, hopefully many more corrupt regimes will tumble in their tracks.





One response

5 03 2011

What a great blog post. Insightful, probing – I just couldn’t stop reading!

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