Save King Edward Park

23 03 2011

Dear World VJ readers
The last video that I uploaded was on a protest march to stop Thames Water turning an East London park into a construction site. The strength of the campaign is that it’s chairman, Carl Dunsire, is a civil engineer and can therefore challenge Thames water’s claims that there is no alternative to building on the shore of the Thames in front of the park.
However, for this video I decided to concentrate on the march itself and the strength of feeling of the members of public involved. This is what You Tube shorts are good at. As I have been working on stories related to the campaign, I had the trust of the marchers who did not mind me poking my flip camera into their faces. When I was editing I did notice that one woman held her hand in front of her face when she passed in front of my camera. I removed any shots of her from the film to respect this.
I definitely need to hold the camera more firmly as there is a lot of camera shake. I think the short introduction to the campaigner that says; “f*ck off” to Thames Water is a good grabber at the start. I redacted the swear word, however, because children where on the march and would probably be watching the video later. The banners tell most of the story. It’s too long by 2 minutes, and next time I will get more interviews. I also need a microphone! See tips on microphone in other blogs below. The shots of the park itself work well and break up the march giving the video a bit of a rhythm.I will go through the process of uploading and community management in my next blog and assess the insight stats into both this and the previous ‘Philip Pullman at the Oxford Library sit-in’ video.
By Mike Doherty




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