Save King Edward Memorial Park

28 03 2011

The Save King Edward Memorial Park (SaveKemp) video I uploaded a couple of weeks ago (See video journalism in action 2) is now on 83 hits on You Tube.

About 40 of them came in when the video was embedded on the campaign site. This is a brilliant way of both getting your work seen and helping the cause you are covering.

With a long series of events in the park over the summer, and the endorsement of celebrities like Helen Mirren and Delia Smith, the video should keep getting hits for a while.

A famous name certainly helps to get hits for a campaign video, as my earlier video on Phillip Pullman at the Oxford Library protest shows (Video Journalism in Action 1). That is currently on 280 hits and again, a big spike in the rating appeared when it was linked to a campaign website (but not embedded). This Video is definitely strong, even though the campaign to stop Library closures in Oxfordshire has won a temporary victory with the council suspending their plans. This video is also being watched in the USA and Canada -testament to the children’s author Philip Pullman’s international appeal.

I am hoping to get another TV angle on my next video which should be loaded on to You Tube on Thursday. I can’t say what the angle or event is, as it is a secret project and will include smuggling a camera into a posh event. I will be filming overtly though – and filming the demo outside. Again, it could appear on a campaign website.

Jessie the wonderdog has only totalled 40 hits proving that Evgeny Morozov is wrong in his book ‘The Net Delusion’, which says that people would rather watch dancing dogs on the net than worthy campaigning and activist videos.

That’s because Video Journalism is fun!

By Mike Doherty




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