Video Journalism Courses…money well spent?

29 03 2011

New York magazine has announced that it will unite with  partnered with video Rosenblum TV journalism training and consulting company to launch its Video Academy, offering a course to aspiring video journalists in the US.

At $995 (£621.53) it’s not a cheap weekend’s training, but following the success of other video academies established in the city by Rosenblum TV founder Michael Rosenblum, students will be able to study with filmmaking and video production experts.  The final video projects produced will be showcased on

London offers a similar training course for video journalists. The Frontline Club promote a 5 day course in Final Cut Pro for £735 with a discounted rate for freelancers at £580.

Neither the Frontline Club nor the Rosenblum TV weekend training school offer a formal qualification at the end, so we’re left to wonder if an aspiring video journalist, with access to even the most basic filming equipment, could manange to gain the skills necessary to create and distribute a high quality piece of video journalism without shelling out a month’s rent.

We think it’s possible. It’s always nice to have someone in the industry to guide you along and point out the pitfalls and perils of video journalism, but it IS possible to go it alone, especially  in the face of areas we’ve run into difficulty with. For example, getting to grips with Final Cut Pro- there is some amazingly clear advice out there. Well, here, actually.

Sarah Stewart




3 responses

1 04 2011
Michael Rosenblum

Dear Sarah
As a good journalist you should experience something before you start to write about it (at least I think so). I have been running these bootcamps for 25 years with everyone from The BBC to NHK Japan. Now we’re offering this training for anyone who wants to learn. I think it fair to say that I offer a course that compresses one year at NYU or Columbia University Grad School of Journalism (both of which I have taught at – not to end in a preposition). In fact, I would say that my course is better – much better. But why should you believe me. So I tell you what I am going to do. I am going to offer you or any of your partners at World VJ a 50% reduction in the tuition to The Guardian Media Academy VJ course in London in July. In fact, if all three of you attend, I will offer one of the three spaces for free. Is that money well spent? I think so. But you’ll only know by actually doing it. Let me know. Best

1 04 2011
Michael Rosenblum

here’s the link:

2 04 2011
Dale McEwan

Dear Michael,
Many thanks for your comment. We at World VJ appreciate your offer and would very much like to accept it. In return, we will blog about our experience of participating in the course. Just to confirm, is this the 2-day VJ training course running from July 12th – 13th?
Best wishes,

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