Are DIY video journalists making the professionals redundant?

30 03 2011

With the general public becoming more and more key to providing footage for news stories online, or even on TV we have to ask ourselves are we in danger of losing professionalism, and reliability in news stories.

As not only blogs begin to make their way in to main stream news, but home captured films, such as those in natural disasters, become headline stories, are we at risk of putting business professional photographers and cameramen out of work?

Some may cry that perhaps our license fee should not be going towards these if they are no longer needed. But does this mean we will begin to lose perspective and balanced arguments in a story?

When the composer Ronnie Hazlehurst died, a few years ago, within hours many respected news sites were claiming he had written a song for S Club 7, based purely on his Wikipedia page. When it became obvious this was untrue, the research, or lack of, by many respected journalists became apparent.

Freedom of speech is a great thing, but we must do our best to ensure that our research doesn’t become lax or sloppy.

Sarah Stewart




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