Big fat protest

31 03 2011

Jes Wilkins holds his hands up to tough questioning from the Gypsies and Travellers

Gypsy activists gave Firecracker, the makers of the hit channel 4 TV series ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings,’ a big fat suprise at a Royal Television event on Wednesday night (30th March).

Incensed by the increase in discrimination and racism that they say is a direct result of the series, Gypsies and Travellers, lead byTravellers Times editor Jake Bowers, booked tickets for the ‘production focus’ seminar given Executive Producer, Jes Wilkins for Firecracker Films.

Gypsy and Travellers Times Editor questions Jes Wilkins

Instead of the more usual audience of TV industry professionals and media students, the Firecracker team had to defend their methodology, their claim that the TV series is a ‘cutting edge documentary’ , and the ethics behind making a sensationalist and salacious series on an ethnic minority that already suffers from wide-spread discrimination and racism.

A Gypsy activist confronts the Firecracker team

Myself and Dawn were invited to the event by Jake Bowers, who we came into contact during the making of a short film. Working as a team Dawn wielded the flip camera and I recorded the sound for a later write up for a print article on the event.

Outside we talked to Gypsies and Travellers who had come from all over the country to attend the seminar

By Mike Doherty




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