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Richard Dodwell:

Getting your video online. Tip #1

Requiem for a dictator: triumph for video journalism

Getting your video online. Tip #2

Is video killing self-regulation in the press?

Musings on Libel in video journalism

Blog v Blog: Video Journalism tips of one blogger scrutinised by another

7 tips for video journalism success

VJ on the road – are you as prepared as UNICEF?.

The VJ monologues cont….

How an online video can lead to “Scummiest CEO of the Year Award”.

Mike Doherty:

Video journalism in action

Video journalism in action 2

Save King Edward Park

Save King Edward Memorial Park

Warning – online video journalism can be bad for your health!

Recruiting citizen journalists

Big fat protest

Free hugs in Brick Lane

Happy birthday choir with no name

Dale Sean McEwan:

Practical tips #1 – online video journalism in Uganda

Practical tips #2 – flip camera introduction

Practical tips #3 – cameras, microphones and tripods for online video

Practical tips #4 – how to shoot online video for the small screen

Practical tips #5 – hand-held camera shooting

Industry tips #1 – history of online video and YouTube

Industry tips #2 – African video outlet A24 Media (part 1)

Industry tips #3 – A24 Media Q&A (part 2)

Industry tips #4 – Voices of Africa mobile video journalism (part 1)

Industry tips #5 – Voices of Africa mobile video journalism (part 2)

Industry tips #6 – freelance video journalist Democratic Republic of Congo

Industry tips #7 – developing world aid and the media

Sarah Stewart:

Help from the professionals…

You’re on your own!

A little help from friends…

Editor, John Moratiel on refining undercover videos for documentaries

John Moratiel on Interviewing

Dates for your 2012 Diary!

Video Journalism Courses…money well spent?

Canon in D…a lust-have for the budding video journalist

Are DIY video journalists making the professionals redundant?

Another date for the diary

4G auction means a step closer to quicker uploads


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