Industry tips #7 – Developing world aid and the media

1 04 2011

By Dale Sean McEwan

Picture courtesy of frontlineblogger

London’s Frontline Journalism Club held a talk on January 25 this year on the subject of aid and the media.

In the words of the Frontline Club, “the talk exams the often troubled relationship between the media and aid agencies. With an expert panel we will be discussing how the media and aid agencies work together and the problems that arise.

“Extensive humanitarian disasters attract a large amount of media attention whilst smaller and on going disasters often go unreported. Should the media be more receptive to aid agencies that try to bring attention to these causes? Or should aid agencies be more PR driven and utilise new media in order to attract the media spotlight?”

The event was chaired by Mark Galloway, director of the International Broadcasting Trust, an educational and media charity which works on a range of projects to promote media coverage of the developing world.

Also on the panel were:

Andrew Hogg, Christian Aid news/campaigns editor and former news editor of the Sunday Times and Observer and was editor of The Sunday Times Insight investigative unit.

Benjamin Chesterton, radio documentary and photofilm producer, co-founder of the production company duckrabbit and the website A Developing Story.

Fran Unsworth, head of BBC newsgathering.

Michael Green, an independent writer and consultant who was director of communications at DFID from 2003 to 2007 and co-author of Philanthrocapitalism and The Road From Ruin.

Here’s a link to the video:


Industry tips #6 – Freelance video journalist Democratic Republic of Congo

1 04 2011

By Dale Sean McEwan

Video about Claudel’s background.

Video about Claudel’s arrival in London.

Claudel filming interviews of rape victims for Human Rights Watch.

Industry tips #5 – Voices of Africa mobile video journalism (part 2)

31 03 2011

By Dale Sean McEwan

Kampala: co-wives fight, public watches.

Kampala: man slips and dies.

Kampala: man punches wife live on mobile.

Voices of Africa

The VJ monologues cont…

30 03 2011

By Richard Dodwell








Hi everyone,

I thought in relation to Dale’s previous post you would be interested in the above 2009 graphic which, according to the Guardian newspaper in which it featured, shows that ‘In Africa, mobile phone penetration is higher than electricity penetration.’

This struck me as interesting, particularly as internet penetration is so low for the continent. We in the UK and the west rely so heavily on our mobile phones for casual conversations and text messages, yet in the developing world they play a pivotal role in the dissemination of news and stories. Is it our endless rules and regulations that prohibit a new wave of citizen journalism? And who may have an invested interest in these rules?

The following is a really nice video that demonstrates the role of the mobile in Africa (something we can all learn from):

Hello Africa from UZI FILM on Vimeo. 

<p><a href=”″>Hello Africa</a> from <a href=”″>UZI FILM</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Industry tips #4 – Voices of Africa mobile video journalism (part 1)

30 03 2011

By Dale Sean McEwan

Voices of Africa.

Video: man batters wife live on mobile.

Voices of Africa mobile reporters currently under training.

In mobile phone journalism, Africa is ahead of the west (Guardian article).

Voices of Africa


Industry tips #3 – A24 Media Q&A (part 2)

30 03 2011

By Dale Sean McEwan

Here’s another link to A24 Media.

Salim Amin, founder of A24 Media (Picture courtesy of

Industry tips #2 – African video outlet A24 Media (part 1)

29 03 2011

By Dale Sean McEwan

Here’s a link to A24 Media.

Salim Amin, founder of A24 Media (Picture courtesy of