Industry tips #6 – Freelance video journalist Democratic Republic of Congo

1 04 2011

By Dale Sean McEwan

Video about Claudel’s background.

Video about Claudel’s arrival in London.

Claudel filming interviews of rape victims for Human Rights Watch.


Industry tips #5 – Voices of Africa mobile video journalism (part 2)

31 03 2011

By Dale Sean McEwan

Kampala: co-wives fight, public watches.

Kampala: man slips and dies.

Kampala: man punches wife live on mobile.

Voices of Africa

Industry tips #4 – Voices of Africa mobile video journalism (part 1)

30 03 2011

By Dale Sean McEwan

Voices of Africa.

Video: man batters wife live on mobile.

Voices of Africa mobile reporters currently under training.

In mobile phone journalism, Africa is ahead of the west (Guardian article).

Voices of Africa


Canon in D…a lust-have for the budding video journalist

30 03 2011

The newest Canon D series provide a perfect opportunity for budding photo and video journalists.

With the HD capture for film, and the high quality pictures these cameras can take anyone can suddenly become a video journalist.

Previously, where it may have been difficult to bring in proper filming equipment, you can now use a standard SLR camera and capture High Definition video in the palm of your hand.

This camera has a wide range of lenses to use and very easy to grasp controls. Its quality is outstanding and it has been used for a number of successful short films.

It is becoming more and more obvious that anybody with a journalistic flare can begin to become a video journalist.

Check out the latest models here

Sarah Stewart

Industry tips #1 – history of online video and YouTube

12 03 2011

By Dale Sean McEwan

This video provides a brief history of online video growth from early video cameras to the evolution of YouTube.

Practical tips #5 – hand-held camera shooting

10 03 2011

By Dale Sean McEwan

A lot of online video journalism is shot using hand-held camera work. This often gives an on-the-scene, rough feel to the footage, but it can also make the video seem quite amateur. This tutorial shows you how to create better, more professional looking online video journalism.

Practical tips #3 – cameras, microphones and tripods for online video

6 03 2011

By Dale Sean McEwan

Unfortunately the easy to use flip camera doesn’t come with an external microphone jack. If you want to shoot online video with really good sound, then it’s important to consider your equipment. You can get a big edge over the average video blogger by choosing a good tripod, microphone and camera for the web. If you have or are seeking to set up a video blog, you may find this tutorial helpful.