John Moratiel on Interviewing

28 03 2011

“You really should have all your bases covered at the end of an interview which is why preparation is vital.

It looks unprofessional and can throw up all kinds of continuity issues. It is unlikely that you would have the luxury of time to go back for more interview footage. Your interviewee would have to wear the same things, have the same hair cut, and be interviewed in the same physical surroundings.

One trick of the trade, should this happen, which it really shouldn’t come to, is to gain the audio required from the interview, and cut away to a different shot which either illustrates what your interviewee is saying (for example, if you’re talking to a head teacher about health and safety regulations, you might cut to a shot of children in a playground- bit of a cliché example but you get the idea) and lay it over the top.”

Sarah Stewart