4G auction means a step closer to quicker uploads

31 03 2011

Ofcom has announced that the 4G auction, is expected to start in the first few months 2012.

4G capability should enable mobile networks to provide connections that are approximately 25 times faster than the average home broadband connection. The 4G auction is expected to be the largest ever, with Ofcom aiming to sell the equivalent of three quarters of the mobile network spectrum in use today.

For video journalists, the prospect of 4G means quicker uploads, so breaking news stories can be disseminated to the public almost instantly.  In theory, this means that you will be able to break a story faster than the news wire, which is pretty exciting stuff.

The competition lies between the main mobile network operators: Vodafone, O2, Three and Everything Everywhere), Ofcom plans to auction off the 4G network in five parts and limit the amount of bandwidth spectrum (Spectrum refers to the airwaves over which support wireless communication) any one bidder can win.

The UK, still on 3G, is behind the US, Sweden and Germany, who have already started using 4G.

Sarah Stewart